What Kind of Relationship Struggles Are You Facing During the Pandemic

Here is a list of everything you shared with me in the last 24 hours when I asked, ‘what kind of relationship struggles are you facing during the pandemic?’ A few of them showed up again and again; missing physical touch, infidelity, finding time to be alone and the effects of having too much time together. 

In all dyadic relationships, distance between one another is always an issue. In a ‘normal’ situation we might find one person wants to be closer than is comfortable for the other person. It is a rare relationship where the distance is immediately comfortable for both people, it is more normal for there to be a feeling of ‘too near’ or ‘too far’ until it feels comfortable for both people.

When we add a pandemic into the mix, and all the limitations that it has created when we are suddenly not allowed to see one another, we might have issues of:

  • Missing physical touch
  • Wondering if your partner is being faithful
  • The limitation of communicating through calls
  • Differing time zones
  • Growing apart
  • Finding you have little to talk about
  • Putting your life on hold

Or if we find ourselves at home with one another WAY more than ever before we might have issues of:

  • Feeling bored with one another
  • Finding physical intimacy becoming boring
  • Having little to talk about
  • Yearning for time alone
  • Getting too serious too soon
  • Annoying one another

Having less control than normal over how much time we spend with one another brings different issues to the surface. It is always interesting how we handle these as a couple. Do we come together in openness to discuss the issues we are having? If not, why not? If so, how does your partner respond? Can we collaborate around relationship issues? 

I’ll be posting some tips for long distance relationships tomorrow.



What has been my main relationship struggle this year?

How have I / we dealt with this issue?

Is there anything else that might be beneficial?

I hope this post finds you safe and well,

Much love,