Wanting to Receive Gifts as a Love Language is not Superficial and Materialistic

I have had a lot of questions over the last few days about wanting to receive gifts as a love language. Some people have commented that they feel superficial and materialistic when they express their love language of gift giving.

So, for all those people out there who love to receive gifts, or who are in relationship with people who love to receive gifts, know these few things:

People who love to receive gifts are some of the best gift-givers. They tend to be incredibly generous, because giving gifts is a way of showing love.

It is not about the money. The cost of the gift is not important, it is the act of being thought about in a loving way, where the thought becomes an action.

It demonstrates intimate knowledge of one another; you know what kind of gifts they would like.

It shows you are willing to give some of your energy (in the form of money / and or time) to buy or create something special.

When a child was given little in the way of time, touch or affirmation, but given lots of gifts, it is NORMAL for them to feel love through gifts. This is what they were taught.