My Journey:

Hello to all of you who are new here! Thank you, thank you for being here and being on this journey of self-healing with me. Sometimes when we are the only ones in a family on the journey, finding your friends to walk the path with makes all the difference.

All of you is welcome here, even the bits that you don’t like.

So, how did I become a therapist and an energetic healer? 

I’m not sure where to start, so I’ll do a brain dump:


  • I was always incredibly sensitive to energy.
  • I left my body in an accident as a child. I was about 10 meters away watching my body and knew from then that I was not just my body.
  • I remember always wondering how real ‘reality’ was.
  • I grew up in a home with mental health and intergenerational trauma.
  • There was a lot of control at home, and I wanted to escape (like many teenagers!).

Young Adult – 20’s:

  • I travelled and explored and got to know myself in a new way. I learned to trust myself as an adult. I had a LOT of fun!
  • After thinking I had left my childhood far behind, I encountered the same controlling energy in another way. It was excruciating. I knew I needed to attend to the pain, so I began my healing journey.
  • I studied Kinesiology, Reiki, Holistic counselling, Bach Flowers, Shamanic Practices, Energetic Health and trained Energetic Healers for around ten years. 


  • I got married and had two children. 
  • I spent a lot of time meditating, sometimes for 17 hours a day, when on retreat!
  • I completed a Master’s of Applied Psychotherapy and Counselling.
  • Healing is my passion and purpose.

What I now know: 

  • Healing is not linear – sometimes I think I am done with something, and I find it again in another way.
  • Our childhood doesn’t just leave us when we leave it. I had a LOT of work to do there.
  • Some healing is transpersonal.
  • Finding your people (who may not be your family) brings support and warmth – they are precious in every way.
  • Having a partner you can rest next to for hours without saying a word and have fun with is another treasure.
  • Being of service is everything, and it brings meaning and purpose. If you look, there are meaningful ways to help.

We have all lived rich lives and been on our own hero’s journey.

What is something you now know?

Love Jen x

Jen And Ariel on a hike