7 Tips for Healing the Fight Trauma Response

The fight response is my ‘go to’ trauma response. Over the years it has kept me safe AND got me into trouble a few times. We all have a ‘go to’ trauma response. Given the situation we found ourselves in as children, it is the one that kept us the safest. In some homes it is not safe to fight, you will be thumped, so it is safer to freeze and go numb. Remember these are learnt trauma responses, it is not a conscious decision. 

Over the years, I have used every single one of these healing tips. I have cycled through them all and at different times I have gone deep with different practices. 

If you would like to start this healing work, you might like to read through this list and chose ONE that resonates with you right now. Which one would you like to experiment with? Just chose one and see what happens. 

What worked best for you when healing your ‘fight’ trauma response? Let me know in the comments