How To Be Heard When You Feel Criticised

It can be SO difficult to actually listen to your partner when you are in the middle of an argument. All too often, we block ourselves from seeing their point of view because we feel we will be agreeing with them if we do. Usually, there is a small portion of truth in what they are saying. Usually, for them, there is a large portion of truth in what they are saying.

The power here is in the pause. Being able, for a moment, to pause and allow yourself to imagine the world as they see it. To share that experience with them, to empathise with their experience. 

When we do this, the other person feels heard. They usually calm down a bit. The driving force to be heard has dissolved a bit. 

Now there is a different space. Now there is more space for you to be heard.

The power in the pause is healing.

Let me know how you go in the comments,

Love Jen

(*Please note that this doesn’t apply in abusive relationships.)