What is a Cycle Breaker?

Attachment issues often pass through family lines by the way we are parented and then parent. ⁣

You become a cycle breaker when you first see the intergenerational patterns and decide to consciously parent in a different way. ⁣

Some cycles are easy to break. For example, you might have been raised by parents who smacked you when you misbehaved to reprimand you. You might decide not to repeat that pattern and break that cycle in your family.⁣

Some cycles are more difficult to break, especially socio-economic cycles. I find people like Michelle Obama incredibly inspiring when I think about breaking socio-economic barriers. It might be difficult, but it is possible.⁣

Relational cycles in families can be the most challenging cycles to break because you come up against what might feel like ‘the establishment’ when trying to break them. With the example above, the rebellion is to heal your attachment wound and be a more attuned, loving parent than your parents were able to be.

When we have an ingrained ‘avoidant’ attachment style, how do we do this? ⁣

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I hope to see you there,

Love, Jen⁣