Self- Discipline

Wherever it was, know that your parents only did what they were taught or could manage at the time. Know that it is not your fault if you struggle with self-discipline. How are you supposed to know if you weren’t taught it as a child? You are NOT faulty or weak! 

The good news is that self-disciple CAN be learnt as an adult. This is a fundamental part of the re-parenting process.

Think of something you want to do for yourself this week.

Keep that promise to yourself.

Think of a goal you have in your life. 

Write it down.

If you were to do ONE small thing every day towards that goal, what would it be? Make this very achievable and set yourself up to succeed.

Write it down.

I like to think of these practices as weightlifting. I need to do a little every day to see the change I want.