The Activation Program

Are you ready to move through what has been blocking you into HUGE transformation?

If so this is your opportunity to join this bespoke program for ONLY 5 people to be privately mentored by me in THE ACTIVATION PROGRAM.  This is a bespoke private mentoring program designed specifically for you and your needs.

During these ten weeks:

  • We will powerfully transform the core area YOU have identified to make profound change in your life.
  • We will be releasing old, stuck energy and making way for a life filled with more vitality.  YOU can have it all.
  • The “Blind Spots” that hold you back most from an exponential level of personal and professional growth will be uncovered so you can shift unconscious patterns.

You will be activated during this ten week process in a powerful way so you can discover the next expansive, innovative, and abundant level of your mission.


– People who are already successful in many areas of their life but they are stuck in this one area.
– People who are committed to their own awakening and being a force for love and compassion.
– Men and women who have been on a personal and spiritual growth path for quite some time and who want to dive deeper into embodying their potential.
– People who feel they have a gift to bring to the world.

This is NOT for:

  • People who are too afraid to look at their core issue.
  • Those who like to live comfortably in the status quo.


When and Where?

Online only at a time that suits us both.


Apply to be part of the Activation Program and we will be in contact with you to determine if this might be perfect for you.

Complete this short form and we’ll be in touch to schedule a time to talk.