Transforming Relationships

We all know how it is at Christmas when families come together.  Hopefully there is lots of fun and connection, but sometimes there are one or two that drive you mad.  We know that what we focus on grows.  In relationship, it is no different.  If we focus on what is annoying us, it will obliterate any positivity.  Before the big day try this out . . .

  • Think of the challenging person
  • Write down the first three negative things about that person that pop into your head.
    • This might look like:
  1. He is selfish
  2. He is tight with money
  3. He is arrogant
  • Write down three positive things about the person. This might be hard at the beginning, but try to find three things, no matter how small.
    • This might look like:
  1. He is hard working
  2. He is forgiving
  3. He is intelligent
  • Close your eyes and think of the person being your top positive attribute e.g. Hard working, then the second, and the third.
  • Inwardly apologise for judging them and not seeing their positive attributes.
  • Focus on their positive attributes daily for 2 minutes for a week and let me know what happens!

Use your mind to set you free.