The Gift of Joy

Joy is a vibrational state that we need to follow.  For most of us it is not a natural state, but something we catch glimpses of when out with friends, or dancing wildly alone to music, or looking at your children.

Joy is part of our spirit bubbling up to interact with the world.  If we are following our joy it is likely to lead us to more and more joy.  So how do we follow our joy and not quit our job, and stop doing the household chores?   It is in the time in between these things where we can cultivate our true joy and grow it from there.

Start with a list of times over the last month or year that you remember experiencing true joy.  It could have been from a breathtaking view, a project you have signed off on, running barefoot with your dog on the beach.  Anything.  Make a list and see what you get, the act of writing it down is important.

Then ask yourself how you can re-create experiences like these in the next month, in the next week, and daily?  While the intention is there, add the events to your diary with the word JOY next to them, so you remember the intention of doing these things is about cultivating more joy.  It is too easy to look at it in your diary and decide you don’t have the time or energy.  But when you relate it to joy it is easier.

Joy gives you energy for life, it is the opposite of stress and depression.  You could think of it as taking a vibrational medicine to help with stress and low energy.  While experiencing it all the time is a tall order for most, getting a daily dose is not.  So, get your daily dose and notice the difference.