Self-Awareness Archetypes

These archetypes come from the research of Dr. Tasha Eurich (2019). She has a fabulous TEDx talk called ‘Increase your Self-Awareness with One Simple Fix’. 

She says that 95% of people believe they are self-aware, but only 10% – 15% actually are.

Looking at this chart, I started thinking about the blockers for self-awareness. 

What blocks INTERNAL self-awareness?

When I think about this in my clinic, I think the major blocks are self-criticism and fear of feeling emotions.

When we are internally self-aware, but immediately move into criticism, it becomes a painful experience that we may not want to repeat.

When we are internally self-aware and big, scary feelings come up that feel uncontrollable, we may not want to repeat the exercise!

What blocks EXTERNAL self-awareness?

How well we receive feedback often depends on our self-esteem. Do we feel strong enough to receive constructive feedback?

If you are thinking you would like to receive more feedback, here are some things that could be helpful:

Notice how others respond to you in different circumstances, do they want to get closer to you or further away?

Asking a colleague ‘how did I present at that meeting; I’d love your honest feedback’

When you receive feedback use active listening, rather than defending or justifying. Trying to stay curious about what they are saying. Ask questions.


  • Which area are you growing in the most?
  • External self-awareness or internal self-awareness?
  • What could you do to increase your awareness in this area?
Self-Awareness Archetypes

Reference: Eurich, T. (2019). What Self-Awareness Really Is (and How to Cultivate It). [online] Harvard Business Review. Available here