How the Nervous System Can Get Stuck in a Trauma Response

I think of healing as a holistic process, including the nervous system as part of the mind, body, spirit triad. 

When we are stuck in hyper or hypo arousal, the aim is to come into regulation and the ‘window of tolerance’ where we can process information and engage socially. 

Every nervous system is different, so for every nervous system, there will be different things that help to bring us into the window of tolerance. I call these things ‘resources’ and spend a lot of time with clients mapping their nervous system and collaborating to find resources that work for them. 

Things that help MY nervous system come into regulation at different times are:

  • Meditation
  • Somatic bodywork – Focusing
  • Inner Child – Parts Work
  • Tapping (EFT)
  • Energy healing
  • Breath work (Pranayama) 
  • Exercise
  • Talking to a compassionate friend
  • Hugging my partner
  • Self-hugging (yes – that’s a thing ????)
  • Receiving validation and giving self-validation

What helps you come into the window of tolerance – let me know in the comments