Healing a Fawn Response

As adults, it can evoke a lot of shame as we witness ourselves becoming dependent on our partners and accepting more and more bad behaviour, or when we find ourselves burnt out because it is too difficult to put boundaries in place. 

As you explore this response, I invite you to be gentle with yourself. To stay in contact with the child within who didn’t receive the love, attention and care they deserved.

Pause for a moment and imagine your child. A child who was struggling for connection. A child who learned to please, stay hidden, or soothe the scary person in their world. Let that child know that you are here now. That you care for them and love them very much.

You deserve to take up space, you deserve to know yourself, you deserve to be happy. 

If you would like to do more of the inner reconnective work, the Inner Child work, then click here. They are tried and tested and give you tools that you can use for the rest of your life to improve self-regulation, connection to intuition and self-love. 

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Big hugs to all of us on our healing journey