How long does the Dalai Lama meditate for?

For any serious practitioner (this is the word the Dalai Lama uses to refer to a spiritual aspirant) meditation forms part of our daily practice.

Most spiritual traditions expound the benefits of some sort of meditation and mental training.

If we want to have mental calmness and insights into the nature of reality, meditation is essential. We can start off with just five minutes a day and build up from there.

How long does the Dalai Lama meditate for each day?…….

4 hours.

This might seem like a marathon if you struggle to even focus on a book for more than five minutes, but with time and training the mind does become calmer, the body more comfortable to sit for longer and longer periods of time. It just takes persistence and commitment.

A great way to start the practice of meditation is with some guided meditations. I have recorded two you might like to try that are free. Just click the links below:

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Happy Meditating!!!