Have You Ever Been ‘Called’ By A Place?

A few months ago, I saw some pictures on Instagram of a mountain called Mt Gulaga, about 5 hours drive south of Sydney. I saw the pictures and could feel something special in the place. I did a quick online search and discovered that it is sacred to the Aboriginal Yuin women of the area. I saw more images and felt a resonance deep inside; something said ‘go there’, there is something special.

A few months later, I was hiking up the mountain with my family and had a plan to go halfway up (7kms round trip) and enjoy the rock formations, turn around and come back. We walked and walked. We asked other hikers where the halfway point was, and it never arrived. 

We had already walked uphill for about 3 hours. The kids were tired. We were about to turn back, and I asked the last hiker of the day how much further? He said 10 minutes. You are nearly there. We arrived in a picnic area, the top another 10-minute walk through rainforest (my favourite). 

As soon as I entered the rainforest alone, the energy shifted. It got cooler and damper. A sweet smell of something I didn’t recognise hung in the air, floral. I found a place to sit and connect with the energy of the mountain. She felt alive, vibrant, and full of life. I sat for about 20 minutes in silent communion. I still feel it as I write this and remember. 

I miss this communion with the Earth. I think deep down, we all miss it. 

Where have you had experiences of communion with the Earth? Let us know in the comments.

Love, Jen