Conception, Pregnancy and Post Natal Care

Conceiving a baby and becoming parents is one of the most exciting and sacred times of our lives. It can also be incredibly stressful, painful and difficult. Jenny has two children under four and so has personally experienced the highs and lows. With IYS therapy Jenny assists couples and supports them though the process of conception, pregnancy and postnatal care.

Before we begin the process of conscious conception, Jenny can help you connect to the soul of the baby and give any messages and guidance that may be of use to you and the forming baby, as well as build a loving connection between the whole family in preparation for the souls arrival in a physical form.

During pregnancy Jenny has had a lot of success with helping mums with morning sickness as she herself was assisted by IYS therapy during her first pregnancy. She can assist with physical aches and pains and metal and emotional fears about the birth, and help to clear any past life or present life traumas from past birthing experiences.

Once the beautiful baby has arrived Jenny can support the new mother with breast-feeding, sleep and feeling confident with her new baby. On the inner plane babies “speak” very loudly to those that can hear, and often can clearly let Jenny know if there is a problem and what it is.

“With my third child she seemed to be in a lot of physical pain when she drank my breast milk. It was very stressful for me as a new mum, and I wanted nothing more than to stop it. We went to see Jenny and we discovered it was chocolate in my diet that seemed to be causing the discomfort. I stopped eating it and within one day the pains in my baby had disappeared. What a relief! Thank you Jenny!”

Laura Miller, Sydney

If you are interested in having this kind of support please contact Jenny on 0410331307 or