Using the Five Love Languages on Valentine’s Day

We all feel love in different ways. It might be that you could spend hours and hours together, but if you were not touched, you would feel completely unloved. Or it might be that you could be hugged and kissed all day, but it wouldn’t mean anything unless your partner told you that they love you and why.

We all have different love language preferences, different ways we prefer to receive love. Take a moment and thin about your favourite ways to receive love from your partner. Which of the five makes you feel truly loved? Alternatively, think about which one, if it was completely absent, you couldn’t live without. This is a great conversation to have with your partner on Valentines Day. Which are their favourite two love languages? You might think you know but prepare to be surprised. 

On this day reserved for thinking about the people we love, especially those we are in a partnership with, what could you do for your partner to address some of these languages? Which ones do you think would help them to feel your love?

Which ones do you yearn for more of from your partner? Can you let them know?

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all.

Much love, Jen

Using the Five Love Languages on Valentine’s Day

Words of Affirmation – Tell them what you love about them, give praise freely, thank them for things they do.
Quality Time – Make time today for uninterrupted conversation
Receiving Gifts – Thoughtful gifts, cards and flowers
Acts of Service – Looking for ways to help your partner
Physical Touch – Massage, hugs, kisses, hand-holding