The Fear of Being Stigmatised Stops People Getting the Help They Need

There is still a stigma attached to seeing a therapist. Really? In the year 2020? Yes! There is still a negative stigma that says:

  • Can’t you cope?
  • What is wrong with you?
  • Real men don’t see therapists
  • Therapy is for soft people who can’t handle life
  • People will think I am crazy
  • I’ll be looked down on in my community

People come to therapy for so many different reasons. Sometimes it is to gain some perspective, to increase self-awareness, to find meaning in life or manage a difficult transition. 

Seeing a therapist allows us to reveal things and get help with situations that we may not want to share with friends and family.

When mental health is stigmatised, our communities suffer. Let’s create a culture where it is NORMAL to see a therapist, to work on our self-awareness and to engage in deep healing. It is time.

Does this resonate with you?

The Fear of being Stigmatised Stops people getting the help they need