The Cycle Breakers’ Circle

This is the cycle we all go through on any healing journey. We need to discover where we are stuck, what we have inherited from our parents and our childhood. Then we need to attend to and heal those wounded parts, which organically leads us into a growth phase where we ground a new sense of self into our being and into the world.

Once we have stabilised in the growth phase for long enough, we go back around the cycle again, discovering, healing and growing. It is an unending cycle of outward expansion and growth. It is the best #healingjourney ever!


I have been busy putting together a six-part video series all about the Cycle Breaker Circle; sign up here, ‘Relationship Cycle Breaker Course’, and you will receive an email as soon as video 1 is ready for release. I’m so excited to finally be sharing and explaining something I care about passionately. You will also get first access to my upcoming course, the Relationship Cycle Breaker.

Stay safe, 

Love, Jen

Discover - in this phase, we discover the unhelpful patterns we are repeating in our life. It might be a repeating pattern of choosing avoidant partners, of having yet another narcissist in your life, or of having your reality denied.
Heal - This is the phase where you take the time to get to the root of the issue, rather than just addressing the symptoms. You will ask, 'What part of me is attracted to an avoidant person?’ And ‘how can I attend to and heal that part of me to break this cycle?'
Grow - As you heal, you start to change. You need new boundaries, new goals, and new ways of being in the world that are aligned with this new you. This phase is expansive and exciting, and sometimes a bit scary!