Statistics of Suicide in Australia

When I look at these statistics, I feel really sad. If suicide rates can be taken to be somehow reflective of how we are doing as a community in the area of mental health, then we are failing. 

If anyone had asked me yesterday, do more people die each day from suicide or road accidents, I would have guessed road accidents. 

I think suicide has, in some way, touched most people I know. There is no doubt that suicide has a huge impact on friends, families, and whole communities. 

Lifeline Australia believes that most suicides are preventable and that advocacy in this area is vital. Given the statistics above, I agree. 

Over the next few days, we will look at some warning signs and how to converse with someone you are worried about.

The critical thing to remember is if you are worried about someone, have a conversation with them. Be open and non-judgemental, validate their pain, and don’t try to fix their problems. Let them know they CAN get help and find a counsellor, doctor, or therapist to assist. 

A great 24-hour resource and support in Australia is: Lifeline: 13 11 14.

Take good care of each other.

Love Jen 

Source: Lifeline: