My Top Tip for Dating

let me know if you have already discovered that BEING YOURSELF in a relationship is the only way!

This is tricky when we are used to changing who we are to receive love. When as children we have learned to modify ourselves, we have been criticised for being:

  • Too loud
  • Too stupid
  • Too ugly

We learn to shapeshift into what will give us the connection we so crave. 

When you have grown up with this patterning, one of the most powerful ways I know to shift this is through Inner Child work. Inner Child work allows us to form a supportive relationship with this tender part of ourselves and support ourselves whilst we unlearn these behaviours. While we learn that we are loveable exactly as we are. That they don’t have to change in any way to be deserving of love.

You might read this and feel that you are far from what I am describing. Just know that Inner Child work has shifted this pattern for millions of people. This model is part of Internal Family Systems, Schema therapy, EMDR, Gestalt Therapy, Transactional Analysis and more for good reason – it works!