India Retreat

If you have been following me for a long time, you know that India is my second home, specifically Sri Shakti Naryani’s Sri Puram. This is where I went to pray for my father when he passed over, and I come there for about three weeks a year to recharge and rejuvenate. Many of the spiritual practices that sustain my psychotherapy practice come from here.

This is the first retreat we will bring to Sri Puram since Covid (although I have been myself a few times since then). It is a great joy to introduce others to India’s magic and the powerful practices that reside in the wisdom of the Hindu tradition. 

So, who is ‘we’? We are me, @irinagladushchenkomentor and @kristyismay, both leaders in the energetic and spiritual healing community and long-term colleagues of mine. All of us are fully qualified energy healers who are or have been involved in training healers in Australia to become certified healers and have deep personal practices. We are all also part of the International Energetic Healing Association’s leadership team (@international_eha). 

If you are curious about India, have wanted to go, or have heard others talk about Sri Shakti Narayani, this might be the perfect time to visit.

To find out more, follow this link: