I Stay Too Long In The Wrong Relationships

Most of us have been conditioned to ignore or block out our feelings and our bodies. Part of finding our way back to health and wholeness is through reconnecting with our thoughts and feelings in a healthy way.

We can do this in a way where we are not overwhelmed by our feelings or the sensations in our bodies. We can do it in a gradual, gentle, and respectful way. 

One way is through yoga. The gentle reconnection with the body, listening to the body, and moving it in new ways. Allowing the body to feel things it might have hidden away long ago, a little bit at a time.

Another way is through somatically informed psychotherapy such as Somatic Experiencing, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, and Focusing. All wonderful embodied forms of therapy help you to reconnect with the wisdom of the body.

I have used all of these at different times on my healing journey and have found each has given me a gift of deeper self-knowledge, self-trust, and agency.

I hope you find what serves you right now.