Being the Mother of a Creative Child

All children are naturally creative. I often feel too busy to be creative, and that way of being doesn’t move me towards health or self-fulfillment.

Now, when Ariel shops to randomly write the first letter of her name in the air with her foot. I join her – let’s write the full name in the middle of this busy show with people walking around and staring at us.

I feel a part of me being watched by my dad. That part says, “don’t do things that make people stare; it’s not safe. Why are you stopping in the middle of a crowd and wiggling your foot? Move to the side.”

I hear that part, and I feel the discomfort in my chest. And I remember that I don’t want my children to hide. I want them to feel safe to be fully themselves, even if it means stopping now and again to air write our name.

How can my children maintain their creativity and spontaneity if I push it down and move it to the side?

I’m so grateful to my children to re-awakening my creativity and helping me to take up space. They are some of my greatest teachers.