A Snippet From My Trip To India

I am lucky enough to have a few places on Earth where I feel my soul light up. India is one of those places. From as early as I can remember, I was drawn to India. ⁣

I have also had wonderful instruction on the use of mantras from different traditions as a technology for powerful inner transformation. I work with a personal mantra daily and find it so helpful to my mental and spiritual well-being. It is such a privilege to sit in places with such high vibrational energy and soak it all up.⁣

My daughter is with me on this adventure. There is so much to see and do, and she is lapping it all up. We just visited the Temple School, where 70% of the children are first-generation learners. Think about that – they are the first people in their family line to have access to education – ever! Now that’s cycle-breaking! We both ran an English class for different year groups, and we will be back every day this week.⁣

Right now, I’m feeling incredibly blessed, and I’m paying attention to all the small moments of grace that are everywhere if I look for them