Yoga & PTSD

Yoga is a powerful form of self-care.

When I am on the yoga mat, I slow down. I re-connect to my body and my breath. While I am on the mat, there is nowhere to go, nothing to do but be with myself in a space with others. No need to talk, to interact, to worry about anyone else, what they are doing or thinking. It is time to be with me.⁣⁠

Trauma can ‘get stuck’ in the body. Over time, the body will close and harden around certain parts of the body to keep us safe. ⁣⁠This is natural and protective.

The physical practice of yoga helps to gently and mindfully expand those parts of the body that have contracted over time. As we expand into them psychically, the emotions held there are free to move out gently.⁣⁠

I’d love to hear your experience with Yoga as therapy in the comments