Why Warriors Lie Down and Die

This book, Why Warriors Lie Down and Die, has changed my life. It was recommended to me by someone who grew up in the Northern Territory with Aboriginal people. It answers many of the questions people have when they say things like, “Well, drink is a problem, why do so many of them drink?” or “Well, why don’t they turn up to their doctors appointments and do what the doctors say?” 

So much is lost in translation, literally and culturally. 

Those of you who have followed me for a while will know that I have a thing about land and nature. I grew up fishing, camping and walking through forests, so I feel a deep connection to nature. When I hear Yolngu share their experiences with the land, animals and each other, I feel a natural kinship and a kind of yearning for a deeper connection. 

This book helped me to stand in the shoes of the Yolngu people, to see events through their eyes. I feel a deep gratitude to the author, Richard Trudgen for sharing his deep knowledge and understanding. 

I feel this book should be mandatory reading for all Australian and British children. 

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