When To Get Help For Trauma

The typical trauma symptoms will start to fade after about four weeks for some people, and for others, they will continue and even worsen. It is beneficial to have a list of things to look out for regarding trauma. If you think you are not returning to normal as you expected, it is prudent to seek some help from your GP, counsellor or therapist who will point you in the direction of a trauma-informed therapist.

I like to think of trauma as a crack in the energy body where energy is leaking out. Over the ordinary course of events, this ‘crack’ will usually repair itself, and the holistic being is returned to full health. However, sometimes the crack doesn’t start to heal by itself. What would prevent its natural healing?

Re-exposure to trauma

The trauma has re-triggered old memories of a similar trauma, and the person is ‘flooded’ – they can’t cope with the volume of released unprocessed emotional material.

If you are struggling to process trauma, please seek help. Everyone processes trauma differently. It is a brave thing to do to reach out and get support when we need it.

The Black Dog Institute runs a clinic in Australia, and Phoenix Australia has a wealth of up-to-date information and resources about trauma and PTSD.

When have you known it was time to get help with a traumatic experience?