What’s YOUR Value for 2022?

Rather than having a list of New Year’s resolutions, many of my clients find it helpful to align with a core value for the year ahead. You might think of this chosen value as a guiding light for the year, keeping you moving towards what is meaningful to you. 

For example, if you choose ‘family’ as your word for the year, you might begin by considering  what family means to you. ⁣

  • Is it limited to your biological family, or does it extend to friends? ⁣
  • What kinds of shifts might you like to feel and see in your relationship to ‘family’?⁣
  • Are your work colleagues a kind of ‘family’? If so, what might you need to bring to that space to see changes?⁣
  • How often would I like to speak with my family?⁣
  • Which members would I like to get closer to?⁣
  • What is the FEELING of family I am looking for? ⁣
  • Have I historically received that feeling from the people I am looking to?⁣
  • What other groups might give me the same feeling?⁣

If you chose the word ‘mindfulness’, you might think about what it would feel like to be mindful at work, home, in your studies, and in your friendships.⁣

  • How do you feel when you are mindful?⁣
  • Do you know any mindful people you can emulate?⁣
  • Would you benefit from some regular mindfulness meditation?⁣
  • What would your home life FEEL like if you were more mindful?⁣
  • What would change in your relationships?⁣

My word for 2022 is ‘Intimacy’. As I read through the list, this is the one I keep coming to and seems to pop out at me.⁣ 

I would love to hear what your word for 2022 is. Let’s share and stay accountable.

Wishing you all a safe and fun New Year’s Eve. May 2022 bring you everything you hope for. May you grow in self-love and peace.⁣

Much love, Jen ????⁣