We All Want To Parent Our Children In A Way That Feels Good

I love that this community has so many parents trying their very best. And I hear a lot of self-criticism and self-doubt as we try to meet our own or society’s parenting expectations. ⁣

One of the most significant changes I made before having children was meeting and working with my inner child. Being a parent and being in touch with my little girl has helped me connect with play when I am with my children and allowed me to have more patience with myself and my children. I had the opportunity to change my internal voice from criticism and doubt to one of support and caring. ⁣

When I am tired and might get cranky with my kids, I know my inner child needs something to fill my cup before I can meet the needs of those around me. ⁣

Knowing my inner child makes me a better parent.⁣

This is some of the work we do in my upcoming course, ‘Relationship Cycle Breaker’.