Warning Signs of Suicide

Warning signs are important. Know what to look for and reach out if in doubt.

We often think that most suicides are caused by a one-off event, maybe a relationship break-up, the loss of a career or public shaming. In reality, most suicides are attempted after a long period of depression. It may be that a more severe reaction is caused by a particular event. 

Given this, many people who are considering suicide will often share their distress and maybe even that they are contemplating suicide. If this happens, please take the person seriously. Don’t try to fix their problem or dismiss it as something they will eventually get over. The key is to validate all their emotions and offer help where you can.

It is easy to dismiss talk of suicide as a way to get attention, but statistics show that people with a history of suicide attempts are more likely to suicide. The message here is to listen, take them seriously and get help.

If you or anyone you know is in need of help in Australia, please call Lifeline for support: 131114

Love Jen


Reference: https://medbroadcast.com/condition/getcondition/suicide