Want More Self-Confidence?

A few months ago we did a survey of our female friends to find out whether they would like more self-confidence or courage. The results were 50 / 50. Everyone had a strong pull to one or the other, feeling they lacked either self-confidence or courage and immediately knew how that lack affected every part of their lives.


What I notice with 90% of the women coming into my office is that the centre of their energy is up above their head, with the bottom of their energy field hardly reaching their knees, let alone their feet.


Where is your centre? Take a moment to close your eyes and ‘scan’ through your body to find your current centre. Don’t take too long, this should be a 5 second exercise. For 90% of you your head will be the centre.


So, what is wrong with this? Having our energy up in the head all the time leads to a feeling of being constantly busy, not enough time, anxiety and fear. Sound familiar?


Try this. As you read this simultaneously become aware of your feminine energetic bowl, the area of your body with your womb, ovaries and intestines. Place your hands over that part of your body and feel the warmth from them soaking in. Consciously bring your awareness from the head down. Take 5 slow, conscious breaths into that feminine space.


When I do this my feet tingle as they ‘wake up’, I feel calmer about everything. My mind is clearer and less frantic. When we are connected to our body and our feminine power centre it activates our natural essence and we feel more confident.


How was it for you?


Try this three times a day and notice the difference.