Trauma to Transform or Transfer?

This is a short snippet of what we got up to in our panel discussion last week with Yemi Penn, Faith and Avanti Singh. In this segment, I lead you through an incredibly soothing exercise from Dr. Peter A Levine that helps with self-regulation and right-left brain integration.

In the full version, we had the opportunity to discuss trauma, how it sits in the body, how it can be transformed, and how it is transferred intergenerationally. We also cover attachment theory, different types of trauma, and trauma responses. This is part two of a three-part panel discussion relating to Yemi’s upcoming documentary ‘Did I Choose my Trauma?’ Yemi Penn’s documentary. We are busy raising funds for this vital discussion around trauma healing.

Feel free to ask any questions that come up for you – let’s get the conversation started!

Love Jen and the DICMT Team.