Trauma Through Omission

There can be trauma through what was DONE to you, being hit, shouted at, called names when growing up. And then there is trauma through omission, things that you should have experienced that you didn’t. Were your parents attuned to you, or were they dismissive when you asked for help? Were you neglected? This is trauma through what was missing, not what was done to you.

It’s easy to look back and think that nothing damaging happened because you weren’t abused. But trauma is also:

  • A parent who expects you to be the adult
  • A parent who cannot validate you
  • Not being noticed or loved
  • Having cries for help ignored
  • Being pushed to achieve 
  • Being told you ‘shouldn’t’ feel, or you feel too much
  • Being gender shamed in any way

I’d love to hear who resonates with this concept of trauma by omission