Tips For Building Resilience

Resilience is “the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats or significant sources of stress” and can be developed by everyone.

Here are some journal prompts based on resilience research:

  • What can I do to increase connection in my life right now?
  • How can I further nurture my wellbeing?
  • What might I need to change to enhance my wellbeing?
  • Where do I find meaning and purpose?
  • When is my mind the calmest?
  • Have I found any techniques that calm my mind?

When thinking about resilience, it is best to think about it in a holistic way. We are not an island. Humans are hard-wired for connection. We need to be physically and mentally well to have optimal resilience.

These are some research-based ideas to build resilience. I would add to this list SELF-TRUST. For me self-trust has really helped in times of struggle. The feeling that I trust myself to do what is aligned with my values, and to protect myself when I need it.

How do I build self-trust? See tomorrow’s post 

You might have more to add to this list. What has worked for you? 


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