The Power of Self Validation

As a child we look to our parents for validation. Validation about ourselves and about the world around us. When we don’t receive that validation, it can be incredibly detrimental to our mental health as adults.

It might sound like “I heard dad come home drunk last night”. “No, he didn’t, he was home early and only had one drink”.

Or “I really don’t like doing so much gymnastics, it is making me tired at school. I would like to stop”. “Don’t be ridiculous, you are not tired at school, you are just a bit lazy.”

When our version of reality is denied, we start to doubt our experiences in the physical world, and eventually start to doubt our experiences in the inner world. We begin to disconnect from our inner knowing, our intuition, because everyone around me says that is not true, so I must be wrong. 

Our inner knowing helps to keep us safe. It is our inner compass that tell us what situations and people are safe and which ones are dangerous. Without this inner guidance, we are vulnerable.

Healing starts when we start to validate our own reality. We are able to list things that DID happen in OUR world, without needing anyone to corroborate them. 

Let me know if this resonates.