Attuned Parenting – Being With Children’s Feelings

When we lack attunement with our children, they will grow up to be adults who lack attunement with themselves. 

It is so easy to be dismissive when we are parenting. We are too busy, too distracted, to really stop and listen to what is needed.

When we don’t attend to children they learn they are not important, their feelings and view of the world is not important, or worse, not valid. When we learn that our feelings are not valid, we question our feelings and experiences and start to question our reality and loose contact with our inner knowing of what is right and wrong. Our inner compass starts to go haywire.

When I talk about attuned parenting, I am not talking about perfect parenting, there is no such thing in my mind, I am talking about ‘good enough’ parenting. With ‘good enough’ parenting, there is a level of attunement to the child’s needs and feelings. There is space when it matters for the child to be deeply heard and validated.

When children learn how to process feelings as children, doing it well as adults is SO much easier.

Attuned Parenting – Being With Children’s Feelings