The Power of Gratitude for the Anxiously Attached – 3 tips

The trick for the anxiously attached person is to let the gratitude in. And that’s a journey. 

When our life has shown us that we are not valued, noticed, and treasured, it can be difficult to let genuine gratitude and love in because often we hold deep doubt about our worth.

So, for the anxiously attached, this is part of your work; to notice your strengths, your gifts, to notice the quality of your heart, to learn that you are deeply wanted, firstly by you. 

It can be helpful to move through a process of getting to know the ‘real’ you. Not the changing ‘you’ who might appear one way for one person and another way for another person, but the ‘real’ you. Again, this is a process. 

One of the most powerful ways I began to attach to myself and bring my power back to me, was through learning somatic, body-based practices.

Love Jen