Learning to Validate Your Needs

You might find yourself being proud of your lack of needs. In the past, it has kept you safe. You have learned to rely on yourself to meet your own needs. This can create independent and highly capable people. 

But does your fear of needing anything from anyone else keep you separate from everyone else? Do you hide behind an impenetrable wall, denying all needs?

Does the idea of relying on anyone else fill you with fear? Does it stop you from getting too close in relationships? Do you feel repulsion when you witness ‘neediness’ in others?

Learning to reconnect to your needs is a journey. It involves a gentle reconnection to your body and experiencing relationships where you are safe to ask for things and with people who want to be able to love you in all the ways that love can exist. 

When the wound is relational, part of the healing has to be relational. This is where a great therapist, partner, or friend really can help you heal. 

I hope you meet that person.

Love, Jen