How to Speak your Child’s Love Language

Children need all five love languages. As a parent you will probably find it easiest to give the ones you like to receive. This can leave the others a little lacking.

I love words of affirmation and physical touch, so my children are surrounded by hugs and affirmations. Of course, I do things for them and spend time with them and give gifts, but it is not as much as the other two.

My children are now old enough to ask what their love language is. When I asked my 10-year-old, she said, quality time. That was a surprise to me because she is so tactile, she LOVES to be touched, I thought she was going to say touch or affirmations, like me. But no, she wants more quality time. Armed with this information, I can now give her what she wants in the way she wants it, so she can feel my love more.

I have her cross stitch with us on holiday that we can do that together, and I know she loves it when I read to her at bedtime. She is also super creative, so we can collect some things in nature and create something special. If your children are old enough, you could write each of the love languages of a piece of paper, explain each, and explain you want to know how they FEEL loved by you and let them choose one or two.

You can then speak their love language to them more.

I hope you find this useful.

Much love, Jen


How to Speak your Child’s Love Language

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