How to Decrease Hyperarousal

Hyperarousal is when there is excessive energy that often expresses as anxiety, panic, feeling out of control and wanting to run away. When this happens, it is difficult to relax as our body has gone into fight or flight mode. It is difficult to sleep or digest when we are in this state.

To help bring yourself out of this state, here are a few ideas. 

To assist with finding a grounded place inside your body, you might like to focus on the place where your body meets the Earth and the Earth seems to hold your weight. I find the tummy, the base of the spine or the feet to be good places to start. Explore a few internally for yourself and then use one as your regular ‘grounding spot’ in your body.

It is helpful to have this spot as a regular place you can FEEL grounded in for moments of stress when you feel disconnected from your body. It can become a great resource.

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