Blocks to Receiving the Five Love Languages

Uncovering your own unconscious blocks to receiving love. 

Once we know what our love languages are, it is interesting to think about the extent to which we allow love in. For example, we might crave words of affirmation, but when they are given part of us pushes them away or cringles a little bit, or maybe thinks they are not authentic.

These reactions often stem from our childhood. For example, you may crave touch as an adult, but find when it is given it feels suffocating. It might be that hugs and touch was a way one of your parents used to soothe themselves. When they were distressed, rather than regulating themselves, maybe they went to you to have a hug and calm down. Perhaps there was inappropriate touch in your family of origin, which has caused your body to hold the memory of touch being unsafe. 

It is can be confusing when our mind says we desire something from our partner, but when it is given part of us pushes it away.

Does this resonate?


Reference – Chapman, G. (2015). The 5 Love Languages. Northfield Publishing; Chicago, IL.