Anger and Grief

As a trauma therapist, I have sat with clients for about 15,600 hours and held anger (back of a napkin calculation).⁣

I have sat with myself and held my anger.⁣

Anger is often protective – when we talk to anger, it will frequently say things like: ‘I kept you safe from dad. You needed me back then, or ‘I’m afraid if I stop being angry and pushing people away, people will get close to me and hurt me.’⁣

I often find that under the anger are more vulnerable parts. Parts of us hold grief, regret, or pain. ⁣

It can be challenging to sit with anger alone. This is where therapy is helpful. In therapy, you can learn how to be with your anger and pain in a different way that transforms the heat of the anger and the depth of the pain. ⁣

Wherever you are in your healing journey, you are in my heart.⁣

Big love, Jen⁣