You don’t have to be Broken to see a Therapist…you can see a Therapist to…

Working with a therapist and going through a process of self-exploration and change is one of the most empowering experiences we can have. Most people have never been held in a safe, supporting, non-bias space where they can be truly heard and validated.

Online therapy and self-help books are wonderful, but they are no substitute for doing the deep interpersonal work that comes from working with a therapist one on one.

I find one of the most powerful times to visit a therapist is when I am aware of pattern repeat in my life. My therapist helps me get clear on what impulses me to behave in certain ways, where those impulses have come from (so I can understand it and have compassion for myself).

I have the time and space to be with myself, as I explore those intense feelings and thoughts, whilst being held by my therapist, who is also my support person in that moment.

Experiencing deep emotions and realisations with a therapist can be deep healing, in that we experience a corrective experience from what we may have repeatedly experienced as a child.

For example: in a session I start to close down as I become flooded with emotion. Maybe in the past that would make my mother angry and she would shout until I started to communicate again. But in this situation, I am held in gentle, supportive, allowing energy, which makes space for my overwhelm. I do have to do or be anything.

This is a wonderful, corrective experience to have in therapy. It is teaching me how to allow myself the space and time I need when I feel flooded.

Yes, it is deep work…it can be painful, but boy is it worth it! The most life changing work…that’s why I’m in this space ❤️.