Where to Start When You Can’t Afford Therapy

Therapy can be expensive. But I have always considered it a vital part of my self-care. At times, I have gone without some things to prioritise my mental health, and it has always paid off.⁣

Growing up in housing commission, I know I can be happy in any house or with any car, or I can be unhappy in any house and with any car. It is not the stuff that is important to me. It never has been. It has always been about the quality of relationships and my internal state of mind.⁣

I never take my mental health for granted. Every day I wake up feeling energeised, I feel grateful. For me, mental health is one of the most important things, and it is something I have invested heavily in for myself and to pass on to others.⁣

But what happens when you really can’t afford therapy? I was thinking about this today and created this resource for you all, which I hope is helpful.⁣

Please let me know of any resources in your country or other ideas for reduced-rate therapy in the comments section.⁣

Much love, Jen

  • Where to start when you can’t afford therapy