Yoga for Self-Regulation

Yoga is NOT just about the postures (asanas). In fact, the postures are used as a practice to prepare the mind to come into a place of stillness in preparation for meditation.

Breath control (Pranayama) is the same, its purpose is to free up energy in the body and assists us to down-regulate in preparation for meditation.

Living in accordance with certain ethics we can argue is also good for the mind and soul. When we know we have ethical integrity, when we sit down to meditate, we find less is worrying us.

From this space of meditation, the mind is calmed, and the states that cause suffering are more easily seen. There is more self-compassion, less stress and anxiety, more kindness, increased self-awareness and improved sleep, amongst others.

Yoga is also thought to be an excellent way to work both bottom-up and top-down with clients so they can learn self-regulation.

Let me know if you have learnt self-regulation through yoga. I definitely have!


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