Why Your Nervous System might be Dysregulated

We are continually subconsciously ‘reading’ our environment with our nervous system to assess its safety. Dr Stephen Porges calls this ‘neuroception’. It then adjusts our behaviour to keep us safe.

We will respond appropriately to the environment, including our thoughts and feeling if our nervous system is well regulated. When there is a threat, we will respond to the danger, and then our nervous system will return to homeostasis.

If our nervous system is dysregulated, it will respond to things in the present based on experiences in the past and keep us in a state of stress, leading to physical, mental and emotional symptoms.

When the nervous system is dysregulated, once activated, the nervous system gets stuck in the threat response, and you experience physiological and biochemical reactions, even when it is now safe.

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Love on your healing journey, Jen

Reference:⁣ Mind Health, (2021).