Prince Harry, A Cycle Breaker

I recently read Prince Harry’s book, ‘Spare’. What I loved about this book was the obvious intergenerational healing that is taking place by Harry being a cycle breaker. Now, I know many of you will have big opinions about this, but hear me out. Who are the two most important women in Harry’s life? His mum, Diana, and his wife, Megan. What happened to his mum? She was stalked and harassed by the British paparazzi until the moment of her death. They made her life a misery. What could he do to help her as a 12-year-old? Very little, he watched helplessly as she was effectively legally stalked.

Roll on 26 years, and here it is again. The woman he loves most in the world is being stalked and attacked by the media. This is likely to re-trigger a lot of old wounds. It’s a repeating cycle. Now here, Harry has a choice. He can do nothing, which was his only choice when he was 12, or he can stand up to the bullies (the media) and defend his wife. By standing up to them to defend Megan, there is likely to be a 12-year-old part of him this is standing up for his mother. That’s saying, “no more”, I won’t allow you to do this to the women I love anymore. There’s power in that and deep healing because he is taking the opportunity to complete the unfinished business with his mother. And it’s not easy, it’s never easy for a cycle-breaker. I see you, Harry.