Whenever You Feel Desperate To Be Chosen, It’s a Deep Calling To Choose Yourself

Big shout out to Tory Eletto @nytherapist – she’s one of the therapists I’ve been following from the beginning, and I LOVE her work. Like – every post!

So, how do you choose yourself? 

Like Dr Richard Schwartz (founder of Internal Family Systems), I have found that at our core, we all have a part of us that is curious, compassionate, creative, confident, courageous, and connected. Dr Schwartz calls this part ‘Self.’ This part knows your worth. 

The healing process liberates this Self from the layers of doubt, pain and self-criticism that cover it. When you feel desperate to be chosen, a part of you has stepped forward that is unsure of your worth. You might like to thank that part and hold it. That part needs your love and attention. 

Then you could get curious and wonder what it would feel like to choose yourself. Just imagine. 

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So much love to you all,