What I Learnt From Fasting

Two flights and 22 hours later, I’m back in my spiritual home, India. 

When I come to India, I come to a large Temple complex where people practise mantra and pooja for about 19 hours daily. 

Today, I fasted for 22 hours. I hadn’t planned to, but I felt I needed to get the flight food out of my system to cleanse and prepare for the incoming energy. I drank heaps of water and didn’t get hungry. I also spent about 6 hours in meditation. I do find when I am in meditation for extended periods, as long as I drink plenty, I don’t tend to get very hungry. 

Around hour 20, as I sat in meditation, I watched my mind start to search for food to eat. When I checked in with my body, I didn’t feel hungry. It was my mind being in the habit of searching for food when I’m bored, want to take a break or need a distraction. It was interesting to watch my mind do this. 

Each time this happened, I gently checked back with my body to see if I was actually hungry, and I wasn’t. I wasn’t aware of how much my mind had to do with my eating habits. 

Each time I was distracted, I gently returned my mind to the mantra I was using. Then, waves of energy started to come that expanded my heart and made me feel connected to everything around me. Ah … the bliss feeling. I always find it comes and goes to start. I know over the next few weeks, as I do these practices daily, that feeling of bliss will be more and more constant in my being. I feel so grateful.

Have you ever thought about going on any kind of retreat? Ever done it? How was it?

Let me know in the comments.

Love, Jen